Experienced Board Member with International Experience in Fintech, Governance, and Artificial Intelligence

My expertise in financial services as an entrepreneur, investor, and researcher allows me to dive deep, ask sharp questions, and promptly identify the pain points. From there, I work with the C-suite to define the vision and strategy to produce growth, security, and profitability.
As a Board Director, I co-create boards that work -- boards that are focused, draw from a wide network of experts, and are able to move forward a company.

I have advised companies through change, funding, growth transitions, commercial repositioning, governance crisis, and regulatory requirements. Companies that have benefited from my expertise in structural transformation have focused on scaling and commercial strategy while embedding best practice governance, enterprise risk management, and technology governance.


Board Engagements 

Board Engagements


  • Strategy and Management 

    • cost management and deployment of AI in the face of margin erosion 

    • strategic deployment for business growth and profitability 

    • business strategy with artificial intelligence 

    • capitalising on brand recognition 

    • leveraging innovation and incubators 

    • culture: reform and tone from the top 

    • operating in a data driven dynamic innovative space 

    • strategic investments 


  • Financial Risk 

    • balance sheet & financial statements

    • capital allocation and investment decisions 

    • macroeconomics environment 


  • Nominations and Governance 

    • board effectiveness and evaluation 

    • success planning : CEO and executive committee

    • talent matching 


  • Operations

    • brand campaigns 

    • capital prevention 

    • cost management

    • digital marketing

    • sourcing and procurement 


  • Audit

    • accounting reform with technology

    • management of the control environment 

    • tradeoffs: costs, controls efficiency, and innovation 


  • Technology Strategy 

    • management advisory 

    • data science 

    • infrastructure overhaul investments 

    • technology procurement 

    • cybersecurity

    • investments in AI 

    • industry regulators and policy 

    • industry 

      • finance 

      • telecommunications  

      • legal


  • Institutional Investors - portfolio companies 

    • board engagements as above

    • go to market strategy in financial services 

    • product design and AI selection 

    • network effect structures using AI 

    • growth strategy 

    • hyperautomation 

    • deliver ethical and trusted technology 

    • tactical acquisitions

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