DecodingAI® Podcast

On my podcast I interview distinguished guests from investment management, academia, government and leading think tanks to discuss a wide range of angles of the business and governance of AI including: ​

  • Business leadership in the digital age 

  • AI Leaderhsip 

  • Driving Growth with ethical AI

  • Life lessons and AI design

  • AI Governance

  • AI Board literacy 

  • Understanding the principles and the competitive strategies of modern business models 

  • Investments in AI systems 

We need to reduce the noise to better see what lies ahead. This podcast helps you to focus on useful information applicable to the business and governance of AI in financial services. 

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About me

My name is Clara Durodié. My expertise is at the intersection of artificial intelligence, governance, and business strategy. I work with leading financial and technology boards as well as their risk management and strategy teams. 

  • Past life in European fund management. 

  • Academic interests in neuroscience (episodic memory) and how it informs our financial saving, spending and investing behaviour. 

  • Work with data science teams (to build ethical AI), boards (to design the business path to ethical AI) and risk teams (to manage AI risks).

  • University of Oxford graduate.

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