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Decoding AI® Podcast

Artificial intelligence, AI, has taken financial services by storm. AI is complex and confusing, especially for financial boards and executive management who typically have no technology experience.


This podcast aims to decode AI by explaining concepts in plain language and by putting them in a business context. 

I am Clara Durodié, your host. I  interview distinguished guests from investment management, academia, government, fintech, technology startups, and leading think-tanks to unpack the business and governance of AI. Some of the topics we discuss include: ​

  • Scaling AI in the Enterprise 

  • Driving Business Growth with Ethical AI

  • AI Design

  • AI and Data Governance 

  • AI Board literacy 

  • How AI is shifting competitive strategies 

  • Investments in AI 

  • Geopolitics of AI 

  • AI risks for corporate reputation 

  • AI Risk Management and business continuity 

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Episode 1: Michael Wooldridge (11 October 2022)


Michael Wooldridge is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Oxford and Programme Co-Director for Artificial Intelligence at the Alan Turing Institute in London. He has been an AI researcher for more than 30 years, and has published more than 400 scientific articles on the subject.

Professor Wooldridge’s main research interest is in the field of multi-agent systems, and his current focus is on developing techniques for understanding the dynamics of multi-agent systems. 

We discuss applications and lessons for financial services.

Read the Episode's show notes and transcript here

Episode 3: Zor Gorelov (8 November 2022)

zor Gorelov.jpg

Zor Gorelov, CEO of Kasisto.  If I’d ever need advise on conversational AI in banking, Zor is the person I would turn to. Kasisto's KAI is the industry’s leading Digital Experience platform that was created to master the language of banking and finance. 


KAI is trained and ready to host the humanizing experiences today’s customers demand, while intuitively opening doors to deeper customer engagement. 


We discuss language processing, banking customer service in banking and wealth management, empathy in virtual assistant and much more. 

Read the Episode's show notes and transcript here

Episode 5: Charles Radclyffe (6 December 2022)


Charles Radclyffe is partner and co-founder of Ethics Grade, a specialist startup in technology governance with a dedicated focus on AI ethics. It rates companies on their governance of technology. 

Ethics Grade rates over 300 companies from all sectors financial services, energy, pharmaceuticals, transport and others.

In this episode we talk about technology governance, ESG data, ethics vs compliance, and scoring Wirecard and governance red flags

Episode 2: Dr. Vivienne Ming (25 October 2022)


Dr Vivienne Ming is a theoretical neuroscientist and artificial intelligence practitioner who has dedicated her career to applying AI to some of the most pressing problems of our society. Dr Ming founded a few startups and also Socos Labs, a philanthropic data science incubator with a mission to maximise human potential.

In this episode, we discuss leadership, AI in workplace, bias, trust, AI regulations, and how to use AI to solve complex human problems. 

Read the Episode's show notes and transcript here

Episode 4: Dr Andrea Bonime Blanc (22 Nov 2022)

Andrea Bonime Blanc - low rez 10.14.22.jpg

Dr. Andrea Bonime-Blanc is a globally recognised risk and corporate governance expert. Andrea’s work spans across decades and it is quoted in leading corporate governance journals.

Andrea is CEO and Founder of GEC Risk Advisory, a global firm that provides strategic and tactical governance, reputation and crisis advice to boards, executives, and investors.

Andrea is the author of many books, including Gloom to Boom: How Leaders Transform Risk Into Resilience and Value.

We cover cybersecurity, corporate resilience, ESG+T, risk and governance.

Read the Episode's show notes and transcript here

Episode 6: Josh Nonet-Black (20 December 2022)

Josh Nonet Black.jpg

Josh Nonet-Black graduated in the UK in 2020 with a degree in astrophysics and then joined Deloitte’s data science and AI team in the Risk Analytics function. Josh is not the usual senior guest you are used to meet on my podcast, who can share their decades of wisdom. I, however, invited Josh to teach us his wisdom, not so many of us have: he has been blind since birth. And this hasn't stopped him to read astrophysics, ski, or build machine learning models. 

I invited him to talk about his process of programming without sight and to unpack why sight limitation becomes an opportunity to understand the world beyond its three dimensional boundaries. Being blind empowers Josh with abstract thinking and, I would add, with the ability to solve problems in a different and better way. I believe that the value he adds to his teams is second to none. 

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